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Cool Guard AC Maintenance Plan

Two Precision Tune-Ups a Year for Just $189.

Cool Guard  AC Maintenance Coverage

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We cover any age equipment, size 1 – 5 tons.

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2 Precision Tune-ups/Year

Our licensed, trained technicians inspect, clean, and tune your air conditioning system twice a year.

Regular, professional inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups help keep your AC running at full capacity and efficency.

Plus... if we discover an issue requiring repair outside the regular maintenance service, you'll automatically receive a 10% discount.

Full Inspection

CFS Licensed Technicians will thoroughly inspect your AC system:

1. Measure superheat/subcool.

2. Check operating pressure.

3. Monitor starting capability.

4. Measure for proper temperature differential inside.

5. Check Thermostat.

6. Monitor voltage and amperage of motors.

Clean &

CFS Licensed Technicians will clean and tune up your AC system:

1. Clean the outdoor coil.

2. Clean the inside coil, if accessible. 

3. Clean and flush the condensate drain. 

4. Replace filter media.

5. Tighten electrical connections.

6. Leave a record of all procedures performed.

Additional Benefits

1. Agreement is transferable to new owners.

2. Satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Loyalty Rewards Program - $50 per year, capped at $500 towards the purchase of a new system.

4. 24-hour answering services.

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Service all makes and models of HVAC equipment
24/7 Emergency Service
Committed to providing quality workmanship and products
Customer service satisfaction guaranteed

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