What’s the Ideal Temperature for Efficient Comfort in Naples, FL?

One of the common questions regarding how to run an HVAC system efficiently relates to the ideal temperature. It seems to provide some controversy when you dig through the expert opinions online, but there’s not always one right answer. Consider the following variables and why one constant temperature may not provide optimal efficiency when it comes to your home comfort in Naples, FL.

General Temperature Setting

When deciding on the ideal temperature for your home, you have to consider that different seasons require different temperatures. According to the U.S. Department of energy, the ideal winter temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Follow the 20-degree rule over the summer for peak efficiency. This is keeping your thermostat set within 20 degrees of the outside temperature.

Is Sleeping Temperature Different?

Studies have shown that most people sleep better at a cooler temperature. The ideal for adults is 60 to 67 degrees, while it’s 65 to 70 degrees for babies and toddlers. Reducing your temperature slightly over the winter will also help your system run more efficiently.

Making Temperatures More Comfortable

You can make the temperature in your home feel more comfortable by utilizing a couple of tools. First, use ceiling fans to help push heat down during the winter and provide a cooling effect over the summer.

Next, work on managing your home humidity level, a key part of indoor air quality management. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests the ideal indoor humidity is 30% to 50% relative.

Improving Efficiency

Even after achieving the ideal temperature, there are other possible steps to improve efficiency. First, make sure to keep up on your routine maintenance to prevent efficiency-killing airflow restrictions.

Next, plan to reduce your system’s load while away from the house for the day. This means raising the temperature during the summer and lowering it during the winter. Heat pumps are the exception to this, which achieve their optimal efficiency by maintaining a constant temperature.

Make sure you are receiving the most efficient use from your system throughout the year. Call to schedule your AC or furnace maintenance with the expert service technicians at CFS Mechanical Services today.

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