Hurricane Prep for Your AC System in Fort Myers, FL

Living in Fort Myers, FL can bring with it the threat of a hurricane hitting the area. During hurricane season, your home preparation should include getting your air conditioner ready for the worst. Here are a few steps to prepare your AC system for hurricane season:

Schedule an Inspection

Get a full inspection of your air conditioner from HVAC experts to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary before you rely on it during a storm. This maintenance inspection should include evaluating the outdoor condenser unit and ensuring all components are working properly. The expert should repair any problems they discover to make sure your AC system is at its best for hurricane season.

Install a Surge Protector

The possibility of lighting striking your outdoor condenser unit or a power surge is real. Installing a surge protector will help shelter your AC system from any sudden surges of power that could damage the motor or other components. The surge protector will also help shield your electrical wiring in case lightning strikes.

Secure Your Air Conditioner

Anchor your air conditioner to the ground or secure it with straps to prevent strong winds from blowing it away. The condenser unit is the most vulnerable to hurricane-force winds, so take the necessary precautions to ensure your system is properly fastened. Your service technician can use screws, straps, anchors and cement blocks to fasten your condenser unit.

Cover Your AC System

You can also cover your AC unit with waterproof material to protect it from rain and debris entering during a storm. Use durable material, such as canvas, for optimal protection. Make sure that you don’t run your system when it’s covered, though, as that can restrict airflow and cause problems.

Preparing your AC system for hurricane season is essential to ensure it’s ready in case of emergency. Contact us at CFS Mechanical Services to get expert help preparing your AC system for hurricane season.

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