Furnace Noises You Can’t Afford to Ignore in Bonita Springs, FL

Anything that’s mechanical will make noise while it runs. This includes your furnace in Bonita Springs, FL. But it shouldn’t be any more noticeable than a click followed by a low hum. The following are all noises that should cause you concern when it comes to your home’s furnace.

Grinding and Scraping

If you hear grinding and scraping, your furnace motor may have dry bearings. The bearings need to be lubricated regularly in order to function properly.


You should be concerned if you hear a loud rumble throughout the house after the furnace stops running. This could be because fuel is still burning in the combustion chamber, even after the furnace shuts down.


A squealing noise indicates a problem with the furnace’s blower motor. There could simply be a loose belt, but it could also indicate a larger problem within the motor. This is an issue you shouldn’t put off when it comes to having it looked at.


Thumps and bumps that sound similar to a washing machine when it’s unbalanced could indicate that the motor or blower wheel is out of balance. This issue requires immediate attention. The furnace motor and blower wheel are major parts that you don’t want to have bumping around.

Loud Bangs and Pops

You’ll hear a click when your furnace starts up because the warm air that hits the cold metal ducts causes expansion. If that click turns into loud bangs or pops, your furnace could have dirty burners. Left unattended, this problem could cause gas to accumulate and possibly crack the heat exchange.

If you notice any of these noises coming from your furnace, you should have it looked at. Those noises are warning signs for some issues that need correcting. Call CFS Mechanical Services for all of your furnace repair needs.

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